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What are your Thoughts and Concerns about Product Diversion In our Industry.

The age old question" who do you think is the cause of product diversion"?
The next question would be "do you use and support brands that are currently diverted"?
If so why?
Do you even care about retailing products in the salon?

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diversion is something that will continue to happen,as long as there are sales people that are willing to sell to anyone to make a buck. something else that i think happens is large corporations merge
[jc penny has salons when eckerds bought them out now cvs ]that enables them to stock it in the stores. i still carry a small amount of some products that i have seen in retail stores,i'm working very hard not to support these companies,however difficult. retailing products from the salon is a no brainer as far as im concerned,customers need and want products and statistics prove they are buying them i find the extra money easy and delightful.
Hairflix members, this is such a huge pain in the pocket to us salon owners & stylists, and that some of you have these diverted products in your salons really irks me, when there are great lines out there that aren't diverted.

I have an article on my site about diversion & how it hurts our industry, please check it ou...
Thanks Mags!!
FYI, your article is reading funny now, the text goes under the pictures on the right. Could be just that you wrote this a long time ago, or maybe it is because I am using firefox.
It really is driving me crazy when one of my dear clients comes in and tells me she had already stocked up on her products at a target store or her local grocery store. I just let them know that I will always give them a better deal and that I believe that it's best for them to consult with me first before making a purchase on hair care products. I also tell them that what they buy in the grocery store could possibly be sold illegally to the store and might not be the real thing. This may not be a true fact but it's easier to explain to them than the whole "diversion" thing. And believe me they wont buy from anyone else but you after that. Also I found a website that you can report diversion, I forgot the web address.. I'll check into it and post it. The more you report it the more likely your fav brands will make sure it doesn't happen.
I'd be curious to know the long explanation of "diversion". I've never heard of it but am very interested. Unfortunately, the abcnews link no longer points to that story.
did anyone catch good morning america monday . there was a segment on product diversion,
might intrest everyone
For those that missed it here is the link
My theory on product diversion is the main providers/distributors that own all these salon product lines which are l'oreal ,estee' lauder and one other, any how they also produce drugstore products as we all know.So my belief is these manf. have become greedy and distribute it themselves.There are products out there that manf. don't own though.And as far as using diverted product,yes some but I am in the process of opening a salon and plan to only bring in Enjoy products which arn;t diverted and clients love it.
I think the cause of product diversion is $$$. Even though it's wrong (in a sense), who wouldn't aim to save a little money...especially in this day and age...Still, I know how much it wrects salons, and i personally only buy salon
Wow! Just learning about "diversion" on this site has well been worth joining.

I have noticed lately that my got2b glued freezing spray formula has changed, and doesn't work as well as it used to. I even wrote Hegel about it and just got a generic reply with some coupons back from them. Coupons, fine, but I wanted an answer. I figured they just swapped up the formula.

Of course, I have just bought the cans from Wal-Mart and Target, not knowing any different. I used to find it at Publix, but I thought they stopped carrying it. I'm guessing they had diverted stuff too, but their stuff at least worked.

Hopefully, some more people respond to this, I'm going to go take a look at my cans now. This may be the problem. People on have been talking about it for awhile, but no one had any idea about "diversion".

Thanks Hair Flix Society!
The cause of diversion is greed. Someone somewhere is making money off of diverting. We as professionals need to educate our clients. Without knowledge we are nothing.

Is it really that easy to find a product that isn't being diverted?


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