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What are your Thoughts and Concerns about Product Diversion In our Industry.

The age old question" who do you think is the cause of product diversion"?
The next question would be "do you use and support brands that are currently diverted"?
If so why?
Do you even care about retailing products in the salon?

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There are several ways to fight diversion. One inexpensive way is to create your own salon product line through a “private label company”. There are many high quality private label company that would be happy to help you through the process. Aware and Liquid Tec are two well know companies here in California. This way you’ll never see your "exclusive salon brand" in retail outlet or salon around the corner ... at any price!

Another option is to retail high quality salon products from small boutique companies. I've been selling my Hair Research Salon Products direct to salon across America for 30 years with an exclusive distribution program. No two salons with 50 miles can carry them. Now that’s protection you won't get from many well know established salon brands.

Many popular salon only brands are doing their best to stop diversion. One salon only brand that has been spend time and a great deal of expense to stop diversion for many years is Paul Mitchell . For the last two and a half years PM as lowered it's diversion by 50%. And they did it the hard way. Every PM employee in the field, and there are a lot, is required to purchase (each month) $500.00 worth of products they find in any retail outlet. All PM products are decoded (something they have done for years) making it easy to find the “distributor who received them originally”. Those Distributors are then required to pay $150.00 for each bottle found with their code. This has made the PM salon only products unavailable in many of the leading retailers as they will not buy products that aren't available on a regular basis. Unfortunately far too many popular salon only brands are simply turning a blind eye. If you must use and retail a highly advertised salon brand go for those that work for you.
The truth is that part of the responsibility is on us the stylist. You see it is our job to stand by and educate our guest's in the salon on what, why, and how we are using our professional products. If we where consistently recommending diversion would be a non issue. It is unfortunate that 80 percent of stylist's would rather blame diversion on others and not take more PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!!

Try this,, for the next 30 days offer every client that you see at least 3 products for home maintenance of there new look. (and see what happens to your retail income) We need to stop blaming and start changing!!

Chris Sulimay
National Redken busniess expert
Salon owner, but most of all Hairdresser!! (just like YOU)
Excellent post.
We need to step up and take back our own industry. I am a professional and here are mt recommendations.
At Sidlab Haircouture we distribute product directly to salons and hair dressers. We believe quality control and shipping directly to be one of the safest methods to ensure our quality product is sold throughout the proper channels.
we are in the frount lines...we and only us as professionals make the product r/x-s the client will always be loyal if we guide them in recomendations for the hair/skin/body products....we win


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