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We all have heard of bedside manners right. This relates to how doctors have knowledge and are trained to heal you, but are lacking the personal touch. They do not know how to behave around patients.

Just like a doctor, hairstylist, nail technicians, make up artist, massage therapist , and all other who make a living from serving clients are not reaching their full potential in their business because they don’t have a good CHAIR SIDE manner.

If you look at what the industry is teaching stylist, you would see that the focus is on the technical skills. How to cut and color, the skills you need to “DO the hair, not how to deal with the client”

The problem is we are not including the dynamics that happen in the Salon and around the chair. Between the stylist and the client. It is important to be aware of the energy that clients bring with them when they come in to the salon.

Salon Professionals who are comfortable behind the chair with great CHAIR Side Manners. They are confident, knowledgeable and happy. They are the ones who are going to make money and provide the Salon with happy clients.

You have unique qualities. Use them to help you ACHIEVE SUCCESS!

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