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Hello, does anyone know how I can work as an assistant for a platform artist, creative team or in a salon- if possible in the Volusia county area in FL ? If you have any info. I will truly appreciate your responses, opinions and so forth. As a recent Cosmetology student, one of the things that continued to be emphasized by special guest speakers (master hairstylist (yoshi), redken crew, the netwerk, etc.), that as an entry level Cosmetologist you should go into an apprenticeship program, or work as an assistant for mentorship. I really would like to consider their wisdom. If not I will go work for a salon corporation as I hear it is a good way to gain experience and a client base.
In advance thank you for your sharing.

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a friend of mine in moved to sc a year after we were done school, she found a jpms educator and platform artist and assisted him for a year, he in return helped her get into the edcuation program. he took her along to hair shows to assist him and now she is actually doing local shows of her own (but she is not working for a company yet). my best advice is to figure which companies you want towork for and look up salons in your area that are exclusive to that brand. call and see if they have any educators or pa's working for them. if they do, apply to be that specific persons assistant. also get familiar with the managers of your local distributors, they always seem to know if ppl are hiring or how you can meet pa at shows. good luck to you!!


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