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Here is a list of thing that some Stylist may not be aware that they are doing. These things will make a client leave your salon.

A stylist that

Keeps leaving to see appointment book
Complains alot
Appears to be rushing the client to get to another client
Lacks customer service
Picks up his or her cell phone while working on a client
Makes clients wait
Does whatever she or he wants on my head without checking with me, because he or she thinks it will be good for me
Is constantly talking to another person while cutting the clients hair
Lacks hygiene
Is not enthusiastic about his or her work
Doesn’t show much creativity in experimenting
Is afraid to make suggestions
Is overbooked
Juggles too many clients at the same time
Has sloppy attire
Has bad hair and make-up
Is pushy
Is full of himself or herself (check the ego)
Tells me to much about their life
Is judgmental regarding my style or lack of
Pretends to listen and cuts too much off or adds too much or to little hair color (or wrong color)
Is distracted
Had poor skills (educational Classes)
Complains about other clients
Whose mood is down
Gives you a bad haircut over and over
Complains about their colleagues
Has an attitude, as if they are doing you a favor

If you find yourself doing any of these things not to worry just keep them in mind and work on changing them. Everyone has bad habits they need to brake. The first thing is to be aware you are doing them.
This is where a Salon Coach can help you.

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