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By now, we as successful hair stylists and colorists, have all used everything that is on the market as far as products are concerned. But, have we ever totally fallen in love with a shampoo?

Stylist in my salon and our Sistema Santiago affiliates are raving about Sea-Foam Re-Balancing Shampoo. This creamy shampoo is one of the hottest products to hit the market in over a decade. You literally only need to use this shampoo one time to see and feel the results. Whether you're giving a client a shampoo or your using it on yourself YOU WILL BE HOOKED. Our clients usually frequent our salons for styling products right? But how is our REPEAT shampoo sales? 82% of clients that purchase Sea-Foam Re-Balancing Shampoo have returned for more.

So, what is Sea-Foam Re-Balancing Shampoo? Besides being the best its, Hair Keratin in a shampoo. Yes, keratin and no,not the formaldehyde treatment. Its Keratin in its purest form liquefied and blended with coconut and rosemary.

If you would like to try this product at your salon contact us we will be happy to provide you with a sample.

Stylists who have tried SFRB Shampoo, we would love to hear your feed back!

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I'm a stylist and have been using Sea Foam Re-Balancing Shampoo since it came out. It's by far my favorite shampoo on the market today. It performs well on practically every hair type without over cleansing, added weight or buildup and leaves the cuticle in great condition, with beautiful shine. Awesome feel and scent, and a little bit really does go quite far. This is quality stuff. Sometimes I feel like I could go sans conditioner after using it, but the Soy Conditioner from Sistema Santiago is too amazing to not use. Another powerhouse, not much of this is needed either. A complex mixture of proteins derived from all natural sources (rice, silk, soy, corn and aloe) really makes this stuff perform above and beyond. It smells so good I have actually considered eating it on more than one occasion. Can't say enough good things about the whole line. It will be painfully obvious to anyone who uses it that a lot of thought and hard work went into it's creation, and that quality, not crazy gimmicky names or flashy packaging, is the priority here. For the cutters out there, the Sea Foam/Soy combo is great to use beforehand, as it doesn't leave the hair too slippery or "producty", but is still conditions superbly, so tangles won't be a problem. Top it off with some Shoot First if you want, which is a leave in conditioning spray, and you have an awesome foundation for a great cut and blow dry. The results are so transformative that the products often sell themselves. Just use them. Your clients will buy them and will continue to return for more.
Keep those products coming Antonio!


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