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I agree think about it folks fashion starts from the top. so we are the trendsetters!!! Just like seasons they change and so does the hair.... Customers want to hear it from us.

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I totally agree with your point. I am not disregarding that. Its the look that starts from the top and with that said your eye automatically looks at the style of the hair. I think what I am trying to say is that the hairdresser is getting unnoticed I feel that the fashion designer and the stylist go hand in hand!!!. I firmly believe that we SHOULD be taking into consideration what the style is at that moment and consult and educate our clients. After all we are the professional and the client is paying for your service and that is telling them whats in style... I know when I consult my customers I let them know whats on the runway IE: haircolor, haircut, etc and then I incorprate that unto they're everyday lives
I think Fashion is the culmination of not only Color and Shape but stems from Fabric and Texture whether it be hair or clothing. The two seem to go hand and hand. What comes first the chicken or the egg? I believe that the clothing seems always to inspire a complementary hair design to accessorize the look. Although from what I have seen from this years fashion week in the hair style department left little to be desired. I am not sure that the designers wanted fabulous hair to detract from their designs or they just didn't get the right hair artists to accomplish the right looks.
I know many of my fellow colleges use many forms of inspiration to create hair style. Take for instant Trevor Sorbie , he used patterns from many things including rod iron gates to create his looks. Personally I like the Moscolo's view that hair should at times exceed its parameters, take on new shapes and even defy gravity itself.
The key is however to create looks that fit the professional job scape by day and explode into art when dressed up for the night on the town. I like my looks to stand on there own, complimenting the customers face shape, body size and what I have to work with to carve or outline into a shape that works for them. I guess what i am trying to say is it should look good no matter what they wear and especially if its the only thing they are wearing.
So keep up the good work fellow shapers and designers of keratin protein, ours is a medium of daily motion and constant change. You throw out the clothes but hopefully always keep the hair.
Fashion to me is based the mood of society. Design of all types, architecture, clothing, hair, movies, with each trying to capture the time we live in.
There are companies that specialize in the upcoming seasons, ususally a few years ahead. Reports are high dollars, bought by major companies in all fields. Color for instance, MAC took one of the reports and used the exact colors for each of their computers some years ago. Paint companies, fabric makers, etc.
Having an interest in all areas of society, helps one establish an understanding of what's in fashion.
Hair for runway is done in such a way to play up the clothes, hair for hair shows should be done to play up the hair, if one sees the value in this concept. Not in conflict, nor competition, but all part of the whole ...
I agree with you by saying we should all work side by side. We choose our haircolor by what personality we have same as our cuts, clothing, color of our bedrooms,cars and so forth.


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