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20 reasons why combs are like a woman..

1. They are supportive of us.

2. They run tandem with us.

3. It is all about synchronization.

4. They create tension.

5. They can be 2- sided.

6. They need to have teeth.

7. Some are completely straight.

8. They draw lines for clarity and understanding.

9. Sometimes they grab.

10.Great for creating sections.

11.You can flip them around and around with enough skill.

12.We need… Continue

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Prom Updo Gallery

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Tweet Inspiration

I follow a lot of beauty blogs and hairstylists on Twitter and recently I was inspired by a tweet from Modern Salon Magazine:

"Clients don't know the difference between a good haircut and a great haircut. But they know the difference in the experience you delivered."

2:03 PM Apr 24th from

Do you think this is true? Does the experience make the difference in… Continue

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ABS 09 Photos

I finally added tons of photos from America's Beauty Show 2009 onto

Anthony Mascolo, TIGI Rockaholic and S Factor, Aquage and Eric Fisher, Goldwell/KMS, and of course... Michigan College of Beauty Alumni!!

Check them out here

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Always a good laugh


Color removal is a very serious and very long process...


Today when I did color removal on Angie (blog to come!) I couldn't help but laugh at her hot mess of orange, midway through her 6 hour day at my house.

Angie started with Level 5 red red red red red violet hair.

And she wanted to end up with a level 7 base and highlights galore.

I just love snapping these pictures halfway through!!

Pictures… Continue

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Kim as a blonde...?

Kim Kardashian posted pictures of her new blonde hair on her twitter last night.

What do you all think? Is it a good look on her?



-Lauren… Continue

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A Tutorial request


My amazing friend Kristin has been bugging me for a month now to write a blog on how to style your own bangs.

Maybe the above picture expresses her frustration!

Ok, Ok... In all seriousness, a lot of my clients really don't know how to style bangs! They all ask for them and I have to show them what to do.

So just incase your stylist doesn't show you-- here is a tutorial!

1. When your hair is wet, apply a mousse or a gel to the… Continue

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You ask, you recieve

A question I recently found on

Can anybody help me with hair rollers? I have black hair that’s about 4 or 5 inches below shoulder length. My hair is pretty thick but it’s straight. I wanted to use a curling iron, but it might damage my dry hair so I’m trying to go for rollers.

What kind of rollers can I use? I don’t really want rollers that need the clips because it looks like it would require more…

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Thanks to all the Society members that Made A.M.F. Tampa a Success!


If you missed this event this year plan on coming next year. Once again Scott Bentley and his team did a fabulous job at he Ybor Ritz theater in Ybor city Tampa Florida. It is amazing to me to see a definite movement taking place at this show. Over 200 attendees watched and learned as their colleagues cut and educated their fellow Floridian hair dressers. All of the work presented was totally salon salable and customer… Continue

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Why is it hard to find staff?

Lack of technical skill is their undoing. Sometimes they need guidance and leadership to go to the next level. Alot on new stylists are not being prepared for the realities of hair.They are being rushed through and lack confidence and commitment to the craft. My new renter did not pass a haircut interview. She commited to me as renter because I offered her support to go the next level. It is more work on my part but it will create loyalty.

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Hair Darwinism

There has been a switch in the talent pool. Evolution is taking its toll on the business. Marketing and education will bring the talent out. People get complacent in jobs and have a hard time adapting to change. Things that cause fear or give pause are just opportunites for self- improvement

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Tip of the day..

A stylist that lacks confidence causes client confusion. If your vision and technical skill are not running tandem you will falter and hestitate. You must be direct and intentional at all times. Which means get some training, climb the food chain and command respect and loyalty from your clients. They might be paying you but you are actually in the drivers seat. ;) Word!!

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Cutting posture

Holding scissors properly makes a difference in your career longevity. It eliminates tension on the tendons in your hands and wrists. Poor cutting posture and improper scissor handling are 2 things I address immediately when training new staff. The tension should come from the scissors not anywhere in the hand or wrist. Hands should be soft and relaxed at all times. The scissors are an extension of your hand. Proper scissor placement in hand and fingers is important. Palming the scissors is… Continue

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Finding staff

As a salon owner there must be something that sets you apart from the shop down the street. Pop culture is having an effect on client expectations. All of these reality shows are giving the average consumer an entrance to what goes on in high end salons. They are expecting more as are the new talent pool of stylists. They need more than an offer of commission or chair rental in a busy salon and a retail percentage. They need the offer of education whether in house or not. Through education… Continue

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Tis like a lover..

We love our scissors.

We need them, we are nothing without them, We keep them in a special place-not a heart but a leather pouch. It protects them. We are monogamous and selfish with them. We do not share them. EVER.

We also dare not use others scissors. It would feel wrong. Uncomfortable and awkward. When we cradle them in our hands they are held like a lover . Deliberately and intentionally we handle them. Carefully and lovingly, they are our partner.

We need… Continue

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1 reason why doing hair is like having love affairs all day.

Confessions of a cheating client-I always appreciate her confessional before the appointment time. She always comes back seeking forgiveness. She needs me to undo her mistake. Sometimes she needs more than one service. She tells me her tale of woe. How bad the others were. How they were not as good as me. I explain calmly that unless you can cheat uphill from me than you should not cheat on me at all. I always do my best work for her and to have my work ruined is slightly offensive to me. She… Continue

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PR isn't Just About Media

By Alex Irving, on January 16th, 2009

We often forget that PR strategically impacts every level of our organizations. It’s not only about the consumer or your client, it’s about your staff too. After all, it’s their perceptions, attitudes and actions that ‘color’ your client’s lives as well as their hair every day.

There’s not much for me to say about this except … Watch it, take it in.

* What does it mean to… Continue

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A.M.F. This Weekend in Tampa At the Ritz Ybor Theater Be There!

All of my HairFix Florida Members come out and support Bentley Salon's 2nd annual Hair Extravaganza.

A.M.F “Always Moving Forward”

To learn from the past, to re-evaluate where you are, and set goals for the future…

The B- CONCEPT Artistic Team/Bentley Salon will be hosting the 2nd annual A.M.F. Hair Show performed by hairdressers exclusively for hairdressers. This is the largest independent educational hair show in the Tampa Bay Area as well as the West Coast of… Continue

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International Stylist of the Year

On 3/28 We were named International Stylist of the Year at the Mirror Awards, by The Canadian Hairdresser Magazine. What a wonderful night we sure do love the Canadians.

Ryan and DeAnnalyn Teal

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