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You can divide your clients into four catagorys. Excentric, Avant Guard, Classic, Conservative .

If we liken thees people to sheep the first Excentric could be likened to the blacksheep who go out of there way to be diffrent maybe because the society see them as diffrent and ostrasize them or for other reasons.


The Avant Guard…


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History of hair

Hi anyone and everyone. I have been in the hair cutting/teaching business for 44 years. I love the historical side of our proffession.  For instance I was reading about the first person to do the gradated bob in the 1920s. (What a great time that must have been.) He was Polish but was known as Antoine de Paris. He was a bit mad too, but then to be a good hairdresser you have to be a bit mad.  Mabe the right word is not mad but excentric. Excentricity in our profession is considered a PLUS,…


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