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Here's the Facts

I think the retail side of the salon business is dramatically shifting. In 2008, salons sold over $2 billion in professional beauty products to their clients. The majority of these sales are coming from the top 20% of the salons that are located in metropolitan areas and have the capital to buy inventory. These salons are skilled at retailing and have the software systems and shelf space to make it profitable.

The other 80% of the salons out there are mainly booth-rental salons and… Continue

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claudia - west palm beach salon - glam palm iron

Come on! Here we go again. Its better, faster, stronger, bla bla bla. We hear it all the time. Try it….its better. But what usually happens is that it turns out to be the same thing and some of the time the newer version isn’t close to the caliber of what you’re replacing.

Its good-ol-American marketing; cars, phones, TV’s and everything in the middle.

And the beauty industry is right up there with “the latest”. The latest… Continue

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Steps to be Productive

Ever wonder why some people are so productive all of the time while other people never accomplish anything?

Most of us assume it is because of intelligence, wealth, family, friends, luck, or education. Those are not correct.

The key of productivity is about having goals, making plans, and having diligence. And the only way to achieve any of these productivity methods is by having effective habits.

So, here are a few tips on how… Continue

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HotBox Salon Las Vegas

HotBox Salon a HairFlix Featured Member.

If you live in Las Vegas or you are just visiting and you want an outstanding new Hairstyle look up the team at HotBox Salon.

HotBox Salon has gained much recognition for their signature hair artistry and is quickly becoming realized as one of the top salons in Las Vegas. They won 1st place in the Las Vegas Hair Wars… Continue

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A.M.F. This Weekend in Tampa At the Ritz Ybor Theater Be There!

All of my HairFix Florida Members come out and support Bentley Salon's 2nd annual Hair Extravaganza.

A.M.F “Always Moving Forward”

To learn from the past, to re-evaluate where you are, and set goals for the future…

The B- CONCEPT Artistic Team/Bentley Salon will be hosting the 2nd annual A.M.F. Hair Show performed by hairdressers exclusively for hairdressers. This is the largest independent educational hair show in the Tampa Bay Area as well as the West Coast of… Continue

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HairFlix Product Bloggers Needed !!

Do you have skills? Do you have a Gift for Bloging? Do you want to Sample FREE products and give your honest opinion about the performance or lack of ? Can you put it in to terms that any customer would understand?

Can you explain the benefits from packaging to proper use? Can you influence the masses?

Then we Want YOU!

Send us a Sample blog about your favorite Product about 3 paragraphs or so. Let us sample those… Continue

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Happy Holidays’ to all our Hairflix Society Members!

Yes! It is already that time of year and we here at HairFlix Society would like to thank all of you current members for joining and making Society what it has become. In just less than 1 year we have almost 400 members and thousands of photos of your fabulous work. This Society has evolved and you all are the greatest purveyors of beauty fashion consciousness on the planet. I would like to thank all of you for your support and making this… Continue

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Congratulations to Dolce Vita Salon In Orlando

I am especially proud of owner Deana Dager who recently opened Dolce Vita Salon in Downtown Orlando Florida. Great job! She is a not only a talented upcoming hair designer but has an exceptional mind for business. Why do I know this? Because she carefully planned and executed every aspect of the creation of her Salon.

She first did much of the home work herself , locating the Salon, securing the lease, creating her decorating pallet, and purchasing the equipment to compliment her… Continue

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Style Stars Global Hair Contest. September 1st 2008 deadline.

Style Stars Global Hair Contest is one of the most rewarding Hair Style Contests ever created in the history of the hair and beauty industry.

Jesse Briggs, is the founder of Yellow Strawberry Global Salons and President of Style Star USA, Inc. He is proud to present this unique opportunity to every style artist around the globe. As long as you are a licensed hair professional, you may… Continue

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Bennie Factor is a New Emerging Salon Only Brand I found at Cosmoprof 2008

I have finally settled back in from my Vegas Cosmoprof 2008 trip. I wanted to share a great product find with my fellow Society members so here it is.... Bennie Factor.

Owner / Founder

Bennie Pollard and Team Bennie Factor

2003 NAHA Avante Garde Winner

2007 NAHA Contemporary Classic Winner

Hair by Bennie… and Friends

2346 Frankfort Ave.

Louisville, KY 40206…


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The Nexxus Hairdo How-To Contest

I think its time for some of our hair designers here at HairFlix Society to show Bravo who the real Shear Genius is!! What does everybody think? Any fans of Shear Genius out there that are itching for some national exposure? The prize is you get a trip to NYC to attend the Shear Genius finale party and you get featured on (they could have been a little more generous with the prizes don't ya think).…


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“HairFlix Society Rules of the Road"

HairFlix Society is a community of fashion forward Trendmakers and Trendsetters that come here to “Set The Trend” using blogs, photos, lists, recommendations, and a host of other features, HairFlix Society lets you share what's interesting and important to you in the Beauty and Fashion World.

Our diverse community includes members from 14 years of age and up, and from many countries and backgrounds. HairFlix Society provides these Community Guidelines to help keep our community safe… Continue

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Premiere Orlando Beauty Show

Premiere Show Group will be holding its 17th annual Premiere Orlando Beauty Show at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida on June 1 and 2. More than 41,000 members of the professional beauty industry are expected to attend the two-day event, which focuses on providing the most comprehensive hair, nail, skincare and business education that the industry has to offer.

The all-inclusive event provides educational opportunities for everyone. Premiere Orlando's Main Stage… Continue

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URGENT: Hair Stylist Needed May 5th in Arizona

Looking for a great opportunity to do hair for a Beauty & Fashion photo shoot? Check out this urgent listing on A hair stylist is needed to step in and take charge of the models hair!! The shoot is going to be Beauty & Fashion with 3 looks intended. The shoot is from Noon-4:30 and you will also be working with my MUA. For those interested, I will pass on the Model's info MM#. We always aim to have fun and to get stellar shots for… Continue

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Why People Are Using Social Media like Hairflix to Gain New Customers

Social Media is a web based venue that shares ideas, values,and information. Social media sites are formed when groups of people want to share information. They are used to keep up with friends and colleagues, to exchange ideas, and get information from those who might have an answer. Social media sites create a community (a group of individuals) based around this shared

information. Many of these sites have gained huge followings and therefore are seen as authorities in their particular… Continue

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Wow !!! Myspace move over, Hairflix Society has finally arrived.

The Beauty Business isn’t just about what goes on behind the chair anymore. The internet is the Place for future design Trends to happen.Come join me and other beauty Trendmakers invite your courageous clients and friends on this great planet of ours that we shall hereby declare as our Trendsetters. This forward fashion group of individuals carries our creative designs as human

canvas out into the world displaying the artistic beauty that we Trendmakers place



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