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1 reason why doing hair is like having love affairs all day.

Confessions of a cheating client-I always appreciate her confessional before the appointment time. She always comes back seeking forgiveness. She needs me to undo her mistake. Sometimes she needs more than one service. She tells me her tale of woe. How bad the others were. How they were not as good as me. I explain calmly that unless you can cheat uphill from me than you should not cheat on me at all. I always do my best work for her and to have my work ruined is slightly offensive to me. She apologizes and knows she made a mistake. She just wants me to take her back and fix it and she will never do it again. I understand impulsiveness I explain to her. I calmly explain that under the 2 boxes of home color that she put over the bad salon job there is still an issue of compromised cuticle. Hair is a fiber… it cannot take too much of anything. The original damage still exists under it all. She needs to know these things. She needs to have reasonable expectations of what can happen in one corrective service. She needs to understand my expectations in order for me to fix her self- imposed crisis. I always give my best to them and I expect my clients to understand that. I will forgive once, maybe twice. Tis like a love affair. Greatest job in the world.

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Comment by Hairflix Team on April 18, 2009 at 5:52pm
Thanks for the blog love to hear more blog like this from you.
Thanks for the pictures too!
Comment by michelle wille on April 18, 2009 at 12:20pm
I am full of stories like this. Hair is intimate, personal, creates vulnerability within the clientand should come with commitment, honesty and loyalty. Some of our lovers restore us more than others..I would so be able to do a blog. My brain is a plethora of information and a blog would give me a great format for it all. Being famous would be nice, too.
Comment by BeautyPRpro - Alex and Sharon on April 18, 2009 at 8:22am

What a wonderful blog post. Any hairdresser reading would immediately identify and invariably laugh. I've not seen any blogging being done by a hair professional in this writing style. It's not about technique, or style, or anything more than the first person narrative of thoughts and other conversations. Real life as a hairdresser. Observations of clients and relating the 'drama' of the mini-happenings that are so personal only to other hairdressers.

You should do more of this. May I suggest you actually start blogging? Don't take it seriously at first. Just get your feet wet. Go to Blogger or another 'throw-away' blogging resource and start your first blog. If you like doing it and get serious about it you can always setup your own permanent and self-managed blog. If not, just walk away. I think you will have fun. Who knows, do it right and you could become famous :-)



Alex Irving

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