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My eyes will witness you and embark upon your beauty

For I see within you something more than you see in yourself

Your foundation is mine, to extract and impart upon your essence

I foresee your featured destiny as I express to you this vision

My hands will glide across your hair as my comb partakes of each strand

With my paint-brush in hand I will glorify you with rich enhancement

For you have become my canvas, my muse of inspiration

I have become your legacy of a new consolation

As I cascade your luxurious locks, I have my scissors in hand

I begin to carve, and mold what you will soon behold

Addressing each section with restoring dignity and perfection

My hands caress your hair once again and I have my dryer in the other

My creation about to be complete, once my vision reaches its peak

My hands, surrendering to the finishing touches of each strand

As you raise your head up high you recognize the beauty of that person from within you have always known but could no longer see

Your essence is enhanced and security has risen within

As you depart head held high

I sigh with pride, self gratified inside.©2008



Dawnmarie Rodriguez

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Comment by Selines on July 16, 2008 at 11:45am
This is such a nice poem. So, inspiring!

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