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20 reasons why combs are like a woman..

1. They are supportive of us.

2. They run tandem with us.

3. It is all about synchronization.

4. They create tension.

5. They can be 2- sided.

6. They need to have teeth.

7. Some are completely straight.

8. They draw lines for clarity and understanding.

9. Sometimes they grab.

10.Great for creating sections.

11.You can flip them around and around with enough skill.

12.We need many.

13.They come in all shapes and sizes.

14.They can multi-task at any time.

15.They are necessary.

16.They smooth rough edges.

17.Great for untangling a mess or creating one. It depends on how you use it.

18.Cannot live without one.

19. Needs to be handled properly for maximum effectiveness.

20. Has many uses.

Take care of your combs. They are there for you no matter what.

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