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Just talk … It’s upsetting.

… and it always makes us sad.

The wishers … the dreamers …. the pretenders … the talkers …. so very few actual starters.

So many stylists talk a good game.  They talk about about stepping out from the crowd.  They talk about what they are going to do for themselves tomorrow.  They talk about entering the ‘big pool’ … NAHA or the Contessas, or some other great PR opportunity.

I don’t mean I’m upset because they miss out on being as famous as Nick Arrojo, Beth Minardi or Vivienne Mackinder … Very few do.  I mean because they end up never realizing some of their  greatest dreams and creativity.  They never even take the risk.

Why so Upset Alex?

Because Sharon and I have seen it so many times over the years … so many talented salon professionals dropping the ball on themselves. Not following through. Not taking a risk.

We got a call from a salon pro in Canada last week.  She wanted to know how much BeautyPRpro charges for a press release.  Sharon and I were both at a meeting.  She left a voicemail. The Contessas are coming up you know.

We called back quickly. 3 hour time difference to Toronto.  Made it in the same day before her salon closing. We can work with that.  We called her back at work and on her cell.

We returned the call several times the next morning early because we know what crazy hours stylists have and how little time they actually have between clients.  It’s tough out there so we always go the extra mile. We’ve done that for years.

She never called again.  I hope she wasn’t just wishing … dreaming … talking … and that she found someone great to write her news and that she got it out and got what she needed. I hope I see her in the Contessas. I hope, I really hope.

Make You Angry?

Gee, I hope so.  Mad enough to do something different for you?  I hope so.

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