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Brazilian Blowouts in Petaluma from Lauthr Salon

Article from AOL - StyleList

The Day My Hair Changed Forever
I was shocked at how simple and quick the
process was: The stylist washed my hair several times to remove all
residue, applied the solution, blow-dried my hair, and then flat ironed
the entire thing. The heat from the iron is what fuses the keratin to
the cuticle, and while I was worried about that part -- which my best
friend refers to as "flat-ironing the crap out of your hair" -- it was
no different from your typical meticulous salon finishing. I left with
stick-straight, shiny hair, and couldn't wait to wash my hair to see how
it would react.

Even though you can wash your hair immediately, I can't bear the thought
of ruining a fresh blowout. So I waited three days anyway. When I
finally was ready to shampoo my hair, I decided to let it air-dry to see
if the usual frizzy
ringlets would form. I settled into bed to watch TV, then got up at the
end of the show to check my hair in the bathroom mirror. And I was
shocked -- SHOCKED -- at what I saw.

My hair had dried into very loose, frizz-free waves -- an entirely new
hair texture. It was as if I had already blow-dried my hair, but all I
did was sit in front of the television. Now I understand why this
treatment is so popular. And yes, I would use the word "miracle" to
describe it.

It is a miracle! And now Lauthr Salon, a premier hair salon in Petaluma, performs Brazilian Blowout treatments for Diva's in Petaluma and all over the North Bay.

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