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Come on! Here we go again. Its better, faster, stronger, bla bla bla. We hear it all the time. Try it….its better. But what usually happens is that it turns out to be the same thing and some of the time the newer version isn’t close to the caliber of what you’re replacing.

Its good-ol-American marketing; cars, phones, TV’s and everything in the middle.
And the beauty industry is right up there with “the latest”. The latest shampoo, brushes, flat irons, etc. For those who don’t know me, I’m a realist. No matter how much I liked a company, I never drank the “cool aid.” if you know what I mean. Everything I hear I take with caution and do a little research myself.

Recently a friend gave me the Glam Palm Flat Iron to try. He said its better. Ok, I don’t know about those who are reading this but for flat irons I have some pretty high stands to use as a benchmark. From Babybliss to FHI. From $50-$400, I’ve used them all. For a while GHD and Croc were irons I really liked. Some were better for up hair and editorial work and others more for Keratin.

So here’s my two cents. Right from the start the first thing I actually felt was less resistance when the iron passes through the hair! It glides with no pull. Second was the extra long cord, 3 meters. Nice feature whither on set or working between chairs in the salon. Third is the 360 swivel cord. Love this feature. Again, no cord biding while you’re working. Forth, I travel allot. It only takes a couple time of burning out your dryer and flat iron in the UK or France before you refuse to buy any equipment without this feature.
Also great if your clients travel allot like mine do. Fifth, 30 min auto turn off. And sixth, easy to see lighted gauge to read the temperature.

Now aside from the first feature, many well made irons have these other features but they’ll run you over $100 more than the Glam Palm! In the beginning I loved GHD but I noticed that many of the newer models were constantly being returned because of malfunctions. I personally do not have time to waist running back and worth to the post office wrapping and retuning irons! Turns out, the Glam Palm is made by the same factory that originally made the GHD but GHD decided to go with cheaper manufacturing. Same with FHI. I was always returning that one also. What’s interesting is that the mine in Korean that makes the unique stone used for the Glam Palm heating plates, liked the product so much they bought into the company.

The packaging of the Glam Palm is second to none. The case is beautiful and looks more like a black leather evening clutch than a holder for an iron.

All I can say is I’m impressed. But don’t take my word for it… I wouldn’t. I will suggest you give it a try. You may find that this time the marketing backs up instead of hypes up!

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Comment by Phyllis Culbreath on September 27, 2009 at 6:25pm

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