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claudia - west palm beach salon - save time blending hair extensions with vern shears

Yes you heard me correctly. Vern Shears A, B and a C can make you more money all while making your job as an stylist doing extensions much easier. How? Let me explain. Any hairstylist or anyone who specializes strictly doing hair extensions knows that the application of the extensions is the easy part, time consuming but still the easy part. As we get more proficient we can only become faster and cleaner at our application of each extension but the application is not rocket science. But where we differ is the finishing. The perfect blending and finishing of all that time and effort put into the hours of applying each extension. Right?

Now with the Vern Shears A, B and C you can save time in thinning and blending all your hard work. What I’m talking about is the 4Ea(8 teeth), 4Eb(15 teeth) and the 4Ec(27 teeth) “L” tooth thinning scissors from Vern Shears. Unlike the shears you’re presently working with these shears are designed to leave no demarcation line or tool lines in the hair. What is even better is that these shears lock together to form one working shear! This is done by Vern Shears patented interlocking device which allows you to stack them. Here is a simple explanation. Once you’re finished applying all extensions you would them comb and flat iron all the hair straight. Now this is where you would normally take the time in blending the hair so that it looks natural but this is exactly where Vern Shears separates from the rest. You now stack them in order of ABC with the A closest to the clients head and the C farthest. Then in just a few closes of the shears your basically done.

The rest is not easy to explain in writing but really needs to be seen. All I can say is that I can perfectly blend a full and I mean full head of extensions with Vern Shears ABC combination in about ten minutes! Yea you heard that right also! I do not have to spend any real amount of time blending and trying not to leave tool lines to have a full head of extensions look perfectly natural. If you’re a stylist and reading this you can contact me for any questions but believe me, this simple combination of the Vern Shears can save you time and get more clients in your chair!

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Comment by Ashley on June 15, 2009 at 11:53pm
I would love to meet with you and share the latest and greatest hair extensions on the market today. NO DAMAGE, and an application process of 30 minutes for a full head of a single donor hair!

305 781-4932
Comment by Ashley on June 15, 2009 at 11:52pm
This is fabulous!

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