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claudia - west palm beach salon - good bye, we will miss you

We’ve all seen TV shows that summed up a year, a decade and or even a century. I personally enjoy VH1’s. At the end of every year they cover the events, situations and people that had a dramatic effect on the last 365 days.

Yesterday, within hours the world had lost two of them. Whether you liked these individuals or not doesn’t change that fact they affected millions of other people. Some of us liked his music, videos and his talent. Some of us liked her shows, movies and especially her courage.

If you’ve watched any documentary on the 70’s or 80’s, you can be sure their images and names were seen. As a young girl in S. America, watching three gun tooting, karate-chopping beauties were hope of something better. Hope, that women were not weak, second class people but that we could be admired for our strength and intelligence and not just as male stress relievers.

It funny how much we care about people we really know nothing about. The truth is they didn’t know us, they didn’t owe us money and if we had passed away they wouldn’t be sending flowers. But still we cared. We watched their lives through glossy pages and a glass screen and somehow felt connected. We all have opinions of other people; their lifestyles, their morality, even their dietary choices but we’d put them aside long enough to be entertained.
How they lived their lives didn’t change how they affected mine. Everything we do, hear and see leaves an impression on our minds. Their behind the scene lives didn’t change the fact that three young sisters in S. America would sit in front of the TV every week anticipating the dark silhouettes and the women who were larger than life. They made us want to join the NRA and drop-kick the bad guys. At the end of every angelic episode we felt empowered, like we could single handedly remove the “Machismo” attitude that permeates the country I grew up in.

And who can’t remember where they were 1983 when he seamed to deify physics, walking backwards against the wind. We couldn’t take our eyes off him!

When walking in the mall, my husband gets a kick going to the Spencer Gift stores. We giggle at the toys, laugh at some stickers and generally look through the famous posters. I really can’t remember ever not seeing the two of them, even though for the most part their careers ended years ago. They epitomized entire generations. Him, standing on his tippy toes holding the hat and wearing one white glove and her, in the one piece bathing suit, bright friendly smile with her hand in her hair. Oh yea the hair!

They made us want to moon dance and model. And even though their gone, their images bring back memories of high school, first dates and a time when the world seamed a little more simple. No matter what you thought of them it’s hard to say they didn’t affect us.

Michael and Farrah, good bye, we will miss you.

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