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claudia - west palm beach salon - admit it YOU love beautiful people!

Although the days of pagan women dancing around giant stone male genitals or worshipers praying to Dina goddess of beauty are gone, our society isn’t far off.
We stare at models on the runways and magazines, agencies rake in millions selling curvy women and men won’t shut up about Megan Fox and her perfect bla bla blas. You can be sure the guys are praying for their chance with Megan. Our jealous human nature might want to shout “Who cares about models, millions and Megan!”


Wrong! Stop lying to yourself ,we all care. Even though our husbands and boyfriends will say it doesn’t matter; this is while we stare down every once of wiggling male swimmers dancing the Macarena at the sound of Megan Fox’s bla bla blas. The truth is we love beauty in all its forms. We’re addicted to the runways, the magazines, the movies and the talk shows. Every one of them filled with beautiful people.

How can anyone say they don’t care? As women we’re are ready to commit hara-kiri when having a bad hair day, will call in sick saying its cramps when it’s a pimple and eat ourselves into a depression when our favorite jeans don’t fit.
I’m not saying it isn’t fair that all of us weren’t borne with tight gluts, piercing eyes, and none of the “C” word, yea cellulite. No it’s not fair but think how many chiropractors we’d need if everyone was beautiful? With the male race extinct from twisted tracheas and sperm overdose, the offset of estrogen would knock us into the dark ages.

The truth is I like so many others (everyone) love beautiful people! And if you’re thinking, “Oh yea, she’s probably gorgeous, that’s why she’s saying this.” Although I’m not bad to look at and have a body at forty-one better than most twenty-five year olds, NO, I’m not gorgeous. Even if I wasn’t in the “beauty business”, I’d still watch Miss USA, buy fashion magazines and complain about Megan Fox because although I love beautiful people that’s just too beautiful. So next time you want to pull some women’s lib stats about how beautiful people get better jobs or something like that just admit to yourself you love beautiful people too. Except that dam Megan!

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