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Holding scissors properly makes a difference in your career longevity. It eliminates tension on the tendons in your hands and wrists. Poor cutting posture and improper scissor handling are 2 things I address immediately when training new staff. The tension should come from the scissors not anywhere in the hand or wrist. Hands should be soft and relaxed at all times. The scissors are an extension of your hand. Proper scissor placement in hand and fingers is important. Palming the scissors is important. Keeping the hand and wrist straight and relaxed at all times is important. Longevity in the field cannot happen if there is pain involved in your job. Stand tall, move around, sit clients up, tall, legs uncrossed. You need to do your job all day they need to comply for a short time. I have seen carpal tunnel surgery scars and they are not pretty.If you ever feel pressure, heaviness, tingling or discomfort of any kind re-evaluate your cutting posture. Muscles and nerves have memory cells..deny them information and you will have a pain and surgery free career.

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