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There comes a point in life when many people consider a hair styling makeover for any number of reasons. Everyone has something about themselves that they'd like to change; its human nature. We’re all unique in many ways and blessed with inner beauty. Therefore hairstylist’s make it a goal to bring out those qualities by identifying each persons strong points as well as the imperfections. Using the time tested rule, accent the positive and eliminate the negative a hair styling makeover can enhance the physical and personality treats that sets each person apart from one another. I always take a realistic approach to create a wearable hair style that captures the spirit and personality of the individual. Its fun to do the latest trendy hair style and color, but we must consider how it may look on the person and how she will feel wearing it. Not everyone is a “fashionista”…right?

Take Shannon for example, a young lady who wanted a makeover. During her style consultation Shannon was very honest about herself. I learned that she was a 31-years-old housewife with two children and has had the same hair style for 15 years which she colored herself. As Shannon talked, I was able to study her expressions, body type, hair color, soft natural waves, hair condition and facial features. Her beautiful eyes were shadowed with hard-to-ignore dark circles. As we chatted, it was easy to see her natural warmth and beauty. After explaining the beauty makeover concept we had in mind she said, "I trust you and know you will make me look beautiful___ please do your magic.

When Shannon's makeover was finished she replied; I never felt I looked pretty until now. The next day she called to thank us and said that she cried when her family told her how beautiful she looked. While changing how a person looks, we also change how a person feels about themselves. The thrill I get every time a person reacts with excitement, confidence and hope makes me love what we hair stylists do for people. It’s the essence of a makeover… much more then a new hair-do.

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