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Happy Holidays’ to all our Hairflix Society Members!

Yes! It is already that time of year and we here at HairFlix Society would like to thank all of you current members for joining and making Society what it has become. In just less than 1 year we have almost 400 members and thousands of photos of your fabulous work. This Society has evolved and you all are the greatest purveyors of beauty fashion consciousness on the planet. I would like to thank all of you for your support and making this Society a sharing and caring experience for everyone.
I see lots of networking, a mass sharing of knowledge, new friendships and unique products and ideas are constantly emerging. We are all well on our way to becoming a recognized force in the beauty industry.
I am asking for your help in this up coming year to help Society to expand to 1000 or more members, please make it one of your New Year’s resolutions to spread the word to your colleges.
The more members we have and the stronger we become, shaping the future of this industry, just by the continued interaction of all of you.
Once again my sincerest thanks to every member that has joined Society and shared this vision.
Have a safe and great Holiday Season and keep it keepin on.

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Comment by Stephanie Holden on December 17, 2008 at 8:18am
Hi Rocco, I wish you and everyone at HairFlix Happy Holidays and a Safe and Healthy New Year too. I wanted to Thank you for this website. I am constantly meeting awesome people here who are very supportive and I feel blessed to have found HairFlix Society. I am working very hard to become successful and I have many people here to thank for helping me. The team work and support is priceless and truly is a blessing. Thank you for making this vision tangible for us to share. Best Wishes Always, Stephanie

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