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Hi anyone and everyone. I have been in the hair cutting/teaching business for 44 years. I love the historical side of our proffession.  For instance I was reading about the first person to do the gradated bob in the 1920s. (What a great time that must have been.) He was Polish but was known as Antoine de Paris. He was a bit mad too, but then to be a good hairdresser you have to be a bit mad.  Mabe the right word is not mad but excentric. Excentricity in our profession is considered a PLUS, but the word excentric is frowned upon, so we say "out-of-the-box". The word excentric is latin for EX which means outside and centric which means  center. So out-of-the-circle is just like saying out of the box.  So just like fashion we change the word and everyone is happy. Have a nice evening   John

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