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You can divide your clients into four catagorys. Excentric, Avant Guard, Classic, Conservative .

If we liken thees people to sheep the first Excentric could be likened to the blacksheep who go out of there way to be diffrent maybe because the society see them as diffrent and ostrasize them or for other reasons.


The Avant Guard sheep are the ones that have to be in the front. Always at the front. One type could be the sheep that lead but at some point the "classic" sheep see a hill with lots of yummy food on it and walk towards it so the Avant Guard sheep are not at the front anymore...All Hell breaks lose as they race to the front, not knowing where everyone is going but they HAVE to be at the front.  LOL


The Classic sheep. are the ones that look to the neibours and want what they have, but more and better, A better looking husband or wife, a better paying job. A nicer watch, Nicer boobs, a more interesting face lift,. Nicer cloths etc. Etc.

The   Conservative sheep have a style when they are young and follow it, all throu their lives. The same shoes, the same cloths, the same friends, the same color automobile, The same clubs, the same underwear, the same doctor, the same old school friends, the same the same.  But one problem can be that this status quo is not realy a  status quo but more like a fashion train and as we get older the comparments we are experiancing change and we can find ourselfs changing from Avant guard to classic to conservative without our knowing it. I have seen a person wear a Bee Hive style in the 50s and she was Avant guard and years later in the 60s become Classic and 90 Consevative and then around 70 years old become Excentric. Today she is not with us anymome but Amy Winehouse started the trend again.

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