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Up selling is what “supersizing” is all about. It is the process of moving a prospect up
from an inferior to a better product, which is more expensive. The Wendy’s girl asks,
“Can Me Supersize your order for you?” That is an up-sell.

Add-on selling is the process of adding on additional products or services at the end of the sale. McDonald has made a killing asking, Can I get you a hot apple turnover with that?

How To Do It
• You must have special offers developed specifically for these purposes. Offers designed to move people up.
• Offers designed to add-on more products or services.
• Offers designed to get people to buy something else.
• You must think it through in advance.
• You can determine what that “deluxe” package is or what your “good, better, best” options are and build those offers into the sales

You can add-on offers based on companionship or, seasonality
• But you cannot just let it happen.
• You have got to ask them to add-on.

Finally, you have got to track your results. You need to measure your average
ticket prior to introduction of the new up-sell, add-on, or cross-selling system.
And you must have a way to measure the same number after you have
installed the system.

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