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StylesbyClaudia – Rally against Palm Beach Puppies May29th

Hello everyone. I know that this great website and blog are generally for things concerning our beautiful industry but I felt this should be talked about here.
(Hope its OK Rocco)
Im writing this with Dan, my husband, because our family was personally affected by the evil Puppy Mill industry and I feel that those of us in the “beauty industry” not only have a desire to create things of beauty but we also need to hate things vile and ugly and the Puppy Mill Industry is one of the ugliest lies I’ve seen. On May 29th we are holding a well organized rally/ protest against Palm Beach Puppies in City Place West Palm Beach. We also now are gaining number very quickly with the help of actress/model Erica Mena from the TV show Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian take Miami and several agency represented models headed by model/activist Renee Bhagwandeen.

Palm Beach Puppies business practices have affected many in our area. Many of their puppies are badly sick and some have been euthanized. The news stations have done at least three stories on Ryan Garson and his store. There is regular protesting every Saturday and we are affecting his profits. This is not a bunch of treehugers that just want to be heard. I have personally seen the large box full of state records of where, how many and dates when these puppies where purchased. We also know these are the worst Puppy Mills in the US and we know how many times they are cited by the authorities for not even meeting the terribly low standards! One recent puppy was purchased from a mill that is not even licensed.

For all of you out there that care about these tiny helpless creatures we call our “best friend” please write under this blog for support. And for any that are in our area please join us on May 29th.

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