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Some writings resonate

We’ve heard every reason and excuse in the book for salon professionals not becoming successful with their own PR.

“I can’t afford a regular monthly PR agency fee”,or, “I can’t afford to make a multi-month commitment right now“. Those two have always been among the biggies.  Well we’ve solved that one for you. Check out PR a la Carte.  Let’s not hear that particular excuse anymore. OK?

On that topic,here’s a post we received a copy of this morning from Seth Godin’s Blog . If you don’t subscribe to his blog,we suggest you do. Here it is,short and sweet.

Every successful case is a special case

It’s easy to dismiss strategies or plans or people who succeed by pointing out how they have something special,something irreproducible,some sort of advantage that makes their success special.

Special as in,“not available to me.”

They went to Harvard,they’re public,they’re not public,they have a great fundraising team,they have a powerful partner,they didn’t go to Harvard,they already have a reputation,they have no reputation to risk…

This is silly,as all success is special. That’s what makes it success. We don’t consider breathing a success,since,fortunately,we all can breathe.

The trick is learning about what the special cases have in common,in understanding how maybe,just maybe,you have some of the very same attributes that others have used in a new way.


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