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Can anybody help me with hair rollers? I have black hair that’s about 4 or 5 inches below shoulder length. My hair is pretty thick but it’s straight. I wanted to use a curling iron, but it might damage my dry hair so I’m trying to go for rollers.
What kind of rollers can I use? I don’t really want rollers that need the clips because it looks like it would require more time.

Would velcro rollers work for thick hair?

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This was my answer:
Large velcro rollers[/caption]

Velcro rollers can work on your thick hair! I promise!

Question– is your hair really silky and shiny too? I’m almost picturing it and when I come across that hair type, this is what I do:

Small lesson:
Maximum curl– small rollers (I’m talking 1 1/2 - 2″ in diameter)
Minimum curl (but more body)– large rollers (2 1/2 - 4″ in diameter)

The look that my clients usually go for is volume and minimum curl. Therefore, you only need to roll the top of your hair! Especially at the crown!

Roll about 4-5 rollers down the center of your head, to your crown. If needed, roll two above your ears as well, curling either under or under, depending on your desired look.

When sectioning, make a rectangular section approximatley the same size as your tool. (In this case, your roller– but this applies for blowdrying and flat-ironing as well)

Now for the fun part– rolling. Start by spraying the section of hair with a maximum hold hairspray. (I adore TIGI’s Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray) This will help your thick hair stay in place.

Pull the entire section of (sprayed) hair up at a 45 degree angle. (Towards the ceiling) and then gently roll down, without any bumps. (This will give maximum volume)

(For normal volume, roll at 90 degrees from the center of the rectagle section– straight out)
(For minimum volume, roll at 45 degrees below the center of the rectangle section)

I hoped that helped!

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