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You Can HELP Clean up the OIL SPILL!!


Update - Sat 10:33pm EST

Yes, we know the world wants to send their hair too - and you all will!
We already have hair coming in now! First from all salons in Louisiana,
Mississippi, Alabama to a warehouse near Lake Pontchartrain.

And Monday, we're told we will have a warehouse address for all Florida
salons in Lee County to send to all of you.

And we are dividing carefully where the hair boxes go so that we don't
drown generous space donors in hair! We have over 200,000 pounds of hair
ready to send now on the web site!

There are huge student volunteer groups coming together to help make the

We need nylons from all over the world to go to the 2 addresses for the
boom making events.

Western States & International members please mail to:
Jes Latin
680 Koko Ct
Diamondhead, MS 39525

Eastern States please mail to:
Ingrid Setzer
1827 South West 1st Street
Cape Coral FL 33991

To all salons posting hair boxes on Excess Access THANK YOU! You are
making it very easy for us to coordinate how many boxes can fill up each
site. We are contacting you all as fast as we can and as more space
comes in!

Thanks to ALL of you for the HUGE HUGE outpouring of support and
participation to help these beaches! We've been telling reporters and it
is a bigger Grassroots outpouring than many of them have ever seen! We
have hair coming in from Every State and Canadian province. And
donations coming in from UK, Australia, France, Brazil...

Best wishes,


Hi all - so that you have a visual idea of what we can do with the
hairboom -


This is a WAVE of People Power to save the beaches! It is truly lovely!

We have been monitoring this spill through the burn off attempts and now
we're being told, unofficially, that it is 75 miles off shore in some
areas and the weather is turning which may mean the oil doesn't hit
shore today.

We have lots of boom ready to go to where they tell us it will be most
effective. If you want to see what "boom" looks like check out our
latest youtube. Boom blocks, protects and contains oil spills.

We know many of you have more hair/fur/waste wool and nylons ready to
send. And that many of you are in the affected areas.

As you know, we almost never send out mass emails, but this spill is so
extreme, we may need your people power to help get noticed by the right
people in the room. And we're told we have a bigger chance than the
other "alternative oil spill clean up methods" that HS and BP are
talking to, because the public will rally around a nationwide community
effort like ours.

Best wishes,


Lisa Craig Gautier
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Natural Surplus and Eco-Education]
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